Update on Jack & Peaches


Hello to all 5 of my subscribers (and my Mom, and my Grandma, my coworkers, and my friends who read this;).

I’ve been pretty slow and absent with posting on here even though I just launched Jack & Peaches so I wanted to give an update so that you all don’t think I’m not serious about this space.

I plan to post more regularly starting in August. Life has caught up, as it usually does, and I’ve been overwhelmed at my day job and at home. I’m currently in the process of moving apartments and helping my boyfriend pack up all of our furniture for his move to New York. This includes finding a storage unit, canceling gym memberships and library cards, lots of trips to the Post Office, and general stress.

I will be back home in the UP starting this weekend for a few weeks since I’ll be in between leases until the middle of August. Hopefully I’ll have a lot more downtime to write new posts and even start working on something super special that I have planned as a way to branch out Jack & Peaches onto other platforms.

Hang tight. I am very much still serious about this space but I need to take some time for moving.



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