30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Discuss your current relationship.

Instead of talking about my current romantic relationship, I’m going to talk about my current relationship with myself.

Right now I feel like I’m in a sort of limbo with myself; not quite working towards something but not quite just sitting around doing nothing. I’ve had an odd time adjusting to post-college adult life because from 6-22 years old I was constantly working towards something—school. I never realized how much being in college defined my life until I was done.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being absolute amazing/I love myself/I’m a boss bitch/#worldtakeover I would say that my current relationship with myself sits at 7. I don’t feel like a total waste of space not doing anything with her life but I also don’t feel like this is my time and I’m running the show.

I feel like right now is a really important, but odd, time for my self development. I’m adjusting to being a full-fledged, no training wheels, adult. And to be honest, it’s been challenging. Every day I ask myself:

What am I doing with my life? Am I making some sort of impact or am I doing nothing to contribute to society or myself?

And currently I don’t feel like I’m exactly doing anything. The only metaphor that I can describe how I feel is that I’m in the chrysalis stage of turning into a butterfly. I’m sitting still while I work on myself so that I can grow and transform into someone better. I have no idea who I will be, but I know that living in Iowa on my own and working a normal adult office job, has a really big impact on who I’m growing into now post-college.

Currently I’m doing a lot of self-reflection. Working on my body positivity and confidence, and honestly, trying to get my shit together so that I feel calm with myself and not lost. It’s weird and I wonder if all college graduates experience this or if it’s just me. But it definitely affects my current relationship with myself.



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