What can I do better?


Hey, guys. Once June hits, it will mark one year of Jack&Peaches. In an effort to increase traffic to this blog and to provide interesting content for you, I put together a super short survey.

Whether you’re a subscriber (hey! thank you for supporting me. That includes you Grandma 😉 or a reader who randomly found this blog, a close friend, an ex, a stranger from Instagram, an alien from Mars who reads, etc. it would mean a lot to me if you took like two minutes from your day to help me improve Jack&Peaches.

While this is my hobby, I really want to provide content that is interesting and creative and provide it in ways that are easy for people like you to find.

Find the survey here. Thank you!



One thought on “What can I do better?

  1. Oops .. after sleeping on it, I need to do the survey over but the site won’t let me. Sort of like waking up in the morning and re-thinking the previous day’s lapse of good judgement. What was I thinking, anyway! Perhaps there is something about speaking to a computer screen rather than a real live person that turns my mind to mush. Without giving countless excuses – I really am a kind and caring person 90% of the time – let me just say … actually let me just tone down what I had said in haste …

    Regarding “reality” shows – I do agree that there is no script. I agree that they are tremendously popular. I do not mean to belittle my many friends who plan their lives around watching their favorite “realities.” A friendly, respectful debate would be in order here rather than my ranting. Sorry.

    Regarding veganism – Again, a friendly, respectful debate would be great and is something I would hope to someday take part in. So many pros and cons … probably more so between the older and younger generations. Of the many different diets and/or eating habits that I have followed over the years, what’s to say I couldn’t be swayed? Oooo, did I really say that!? I like to think that I can be pretty much open-minded if presented a good case against my current frame of mind. (I’m old … I’m stubborn … but I’m a firm believer in thoughtfully considering both sides of all issues.)

    Regarding anything else I might have come off too strong on … my apologies. I have a cardinal rule that tells me to think before I speak, but it’s that other 10% of me that tends to get in the way! 🙂


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