Meet the Writer

First of all, thank you for finding Jack and Peaches and taking some time to explore. It realimage1ly means a lot to me.i

I am a 24-year-old semi-adult living in Iowa and where I spend my time becoming friends with the soybeans and with my miniature Schnauzer, Charlie. I’m currently navigating life as a single, young adult. Someday I’ll travel to Southern Asia and hike through Thailand and Cambodia. By day I work in higher education admissions and by night I am an undercover book-reader, vegetarian, and professional nap-taker.

You can read about why I decided to transition to the vegan lifestyle here. After a year and a half as a vegan, I made the honest decision to transition back to a vegetarian. Over time, I hope to phase out cheese.

Jack and Peaches is a combination of two of my nicknames. Jack from my college nickname “Jack Daniels” (not because I like whiskey but because I had Southern charm and prided myself on being a lady but still had a fiery personality. Similar to whiskey. I didn’t pick it out) and “Peaches”, which I got in high school from one of my best friends.

Charlie, my mini Schnauzer.

I created Jack and Peaches as an outlet to share my recipes, experience transitioning to veganism, and thoughts as I discover myself and who I am as a young woman. This blog has developed into more of an outlet for my thoughts, particularly on relationships.

I hope that you like my blog and that you find it humorous, inspiring, and comforting wherever you may be in your life and on the globe. I always like reading blogs that come from people I can relate to.